Did You Know...

You may be eligible for one pair of diabetic shoes and 3 pair of diabetic inserts covered by Medicare!

The Diabetic Condition

Diabetes disrupts the vascular system and can affect your legs and feet. Diabetic neuropathy can cause insensitivity or a loss of ability to feel pain, heat and cold. Diabetics can also develop minor cuts, scrapes, blisters, or pressure sores that they may not be aware of due to their insensitivity. Complications could result if these minor injuries are left untreated.

We Can Help!

People with diabetes need to pay particular attention to foot care. Properly fitting footwear can prevent foot problems or avoid complications associated with diabetes. At The Shoe Horn you will find a wide selection of footwear ideal for diabetics because they:

  • Are available in a variety of styles that include a wide mid-foot area
  • Have stretchable and moldable uppers providing extra comfort
  • Offer additional depth to reduce pressure on the foot, and to accommodate custom orthotics
  • Have wide, easy-on-and-off openings, many with strap closures reducing pressure points on sensitive areas
Medicare Coverage

If you are a diabetic patient, it is important to know how you can obtain your supplies and get the items covered through Medicare. Under a law established in 1995, Medicare recipients with diabetes are eligible for coverage for therapeutic shoes and inserts. While not all Medicare patients can obtain this coverage through their plan, for patients with diabetes, the law mandates that Medicare cover the cost of the therapeutic shoes and inserts under what is known as the Therapeutic Shoe Bill, TSB.

If your doctor has recommended that you purchase therapeutic shoes and inserts as part of your diabetes care plan, please make sure that the proper notes and documentation have been added to your file: Poor circulation, Peripheral neuropathy, Evidence of callousing, Ulceration, Amputation or Foot Deformity. With the prescription we can custom make your therapeutic shoes for you and we will bill Medicare directly for reimbursement. While you can only order one pair of shoes each calendar year, the Bill does provide for purchase of up to three custom-made shoe inserts each calendar year.

To get your shoes and/or orthotics through Medicare, please see our notes for “Qualifying for Diabetic Footwear” on this page.

Brands We Carry

We carry a diverse selection of handsome shoes that provide the extra qualities that diabetic patients need. Come in and be fitted with a certified pedorthist for your optimum health.

  • Drew
  • Dunham
  • New Balance
  • Propet
  • PW Minor
  • SAS

  • Drew Rose Velcro Stretch
  • PW MInor Leisure Time DX2
  • New Balance 928
  • New Balance 847
  • Propet Pedwalker
  • SAS Freetime
  • Drew Rose Burgundy
  • Dunham Midland
  • New Balance 577 Velcro
  • Dunham Winslow

Qualifying for Diabetic Footwear:

If you have diabetes and want to be sure you are following the proper procedure, please stop in for a free consultation. In order to qualify for insurance submission for diabetic footwear, we will need the following:

Have a thorough foot examination performed by the doctor managing your diabetes.
Get a copy of the doctor’s notes from this evaluation. These notes must contain specific information concerning any foot complications you are experiencing due to your diabetes, such as ulceration, amputation, callusing, etc. (Neuropathy is NOT a qualifying condition.)
The Statement of Certifying Physician Form must be filled out completely, signed and dated by the doctor managing your diabetes.
Bring in your Medicare and supplemental insurance cards and photo identification.
Once you have all of the above information, call us to make an appointment with one of our pedorthists for a fitting. Some insurance companies may require preauthorization before we can dispense the shoes and/or inserts so you may need to set up a followup appointment to get your shoes.